01. I need a maid or domestic helper, how do I apply?

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02. What are the requirements to apply for a domestic helper?

  • Employer must be Malaysian or permanent residents of Malaysia
  • Employer must be married and working
  • Both husband and wife required combined minimum income:
    • RM 84,000 per annum for Indonesia Domestic Helper
    • RM 60,000 per annum for Philippines Domestic Helper
  • Reason to apply Domestic Helper
    • Child / Children below 15 years old or
    • Sick elderly Parent/Spouse or
    • Big Residence (not applicable to Single applicant)
    • Employer must not be declared bankrupt, or blacklisted by Immigration Department

03. Documents required to apply maid application for married applicant?

  • Passport sized Photo (Husband and Wife)
  • IC copy (Husband and Wife)
  • Income Statements (Husband and Wife)
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Utilities Bills
  • Child Birth Cert
  • Medical Report (for sick Elderly Parent/Spouse)
  • Photo of Residence
  • Any other documents that may be required for application

04. Is single/single parent allowed to apply for domestic helper?

  • Yes, as long as he/she has minimum income
    • RM 84,000 per annum for Indonesia Domestic Helper
    • RM 60,000 per annum for Philippines Domestic Helper

05. Documents required to apply maid application for single/single parent?

  • Passport sized Photo
  • IC copy
  • Income Statement
  • Single Declaration (For Single Applicant)/ Divorce Letter (For Divorced Applicant)/ Spouse /Death Cert
  • Utilities Bills
  • Child Custody Right Court Letter (For Divorced Applicant)
  • Medical Report (for sick Elderly Parent)
  • Any other documents that may be required for application

06. If I work at oversea, can I apply for domestic helper?

Yes, you need to provide Oversea income as supporting documents.

07. What are the requirements of a domestic helper?

  • At least 21 years old to 45 years old during application
  • Certified fit to work by Malaysia Appointed Oversea Clinics
  • Must be in home country at the time of application
  • Passed Immigration Security Clearance (ISC) at source country

08. How often is my domestic helper's salary payable?

You are advised to open bank account for her and credit directly to her bank account

09. How often is my domestic helper's salary payable?

It’s up to your agreement with the Domestic Helper but the law requires you to pay the salary at least once a month

10. Do I need to give my domestic helper one rest day in a week?

The contract requires you to give the Domestic Helper one rest day in a week.

11. How long does it take to apply domestic helper to come to Malaysia?

At least 2 months for a Domestic Helper to come to Malaysia subject to adequate documents and Government Rules & Regulations of both countries from time to time.

12. Duration of Employment Contract?

The Employment Contract between Employer and Domestic Helper is 2 years.

13. How many years can my Domestic Helper works in Malaysia?

Unlimited, and subject to mutual agreement between the Employer and the Domestic Helper, and Government Rules & Regulations.

14. Do an employer allowed to apply second or more domestic helper?

  • Yes
  • Must provide sufficient reason (must provide evidence)
  • Must have combined income as follows
    • Second Domestic Helper – More than RM10,000
    • Third Domestic Helper – More than RM15,000
    • Forth and more Domestic helper – Subject to Immigration Director approval

15. Do muslim employer allowed to hire non-muslim domestic helper?

Muslim employers are allowed to employ only Muslim domestic helper

16. What do I have to do if my domestic helper runaway from my house?

Employer shall make police report and report to Immigration Department. Employer should inform the Agency for record purpose

17. Can I transfer my domestic helper to another employer?

Yes, you are allowed to transfer the domestic helper to another employer only during the first year of employment only.

18. Things an employer must NOT do?

  • Abuse or mistreat your Domestic Helper
  • Failure to pay salary to your Domestic Helper
  • Deduct your Domestic Helper’s salary

19. I have two houses, can my domestic helper clean both houses?

No, domestic helper can only work at 1 place, which is the address that you have applied

20. If I have own candidate can I apply?

Yes, your candidate can report to our foreign agency office for registration

21. If my spouse is foreigner, can I apply?

Yes, you can apply provided income meets the minimum requirements